The purpose of the Society For The Advancement Of Musicians is to help further the careers of local musicians in British Columbia. Founded in 2017, S.A.M. is passionate about helping musical artists in the City of Vancouver get the support they need in a city where that support is all too often not present. We fill the gaps that government and the music industry leave – and we do this with the support of our local musical community.

We connect local musicians to venues where they can perform, give them access to recording and rehearsal spaces, tour booking resources, video and promotional production as well as mentoring and guidance.

We approach these objectives with a two pronged strategy – we recognize and reward musical artists that currently act within our local community, and we curate new talent from up and coming musicians that need menorship, guidance, and connections to become fully fledged members of that community.

The tangible manifestations of that strategy are our yearly award show The Whammys (founded 2014) and our upcoming planned for Youth Festival (inaugural year 2018).


We plan to establish a cultural space and support centre to help with our goals and to give our community members the support and resources they so desperately need. Our plans call for a fully functional venue type cultural space by early 2019 in the Hastings Sunrise area.

The venue/art gallery will be run by S.A.M. on a subscription/membership type basis. Members pay a flat rate per month to access an unlimited number of events at the gallery (except when the gallery is rented out to private events). Further monetization will be realized through successful Special Occasion Licenses and the resulting liquor sales. The venue would perform the following functions:

a. Host Live Music Events – Live music could be hosted almost every night of the week.

b. Host Art Exhibitions – Local artists will exhibit their works either in conjunction with a live band performance or on their own.

c. Rent the space out for private events – The Venue and its staff will be rented for special private events that meet the approval of the society’s objectives and goals.