The Society For the Advancement of Artists And Musicians (S.A.A.M) was established in early 2017.

We provide a much-needed path to talent curation, career guidance and support for artists and musicians impacted by changing city landscapes and economic realities. Over the past 4 years, Suna Studios, a Vancouver based public benefit corporation has created over 30,000 square feet of artist spaces out of industrial buildings, offering thousands of artists the opportunity to continue to hone their craft and contribute to the local culture of a city gone mad with development. Vancouver is a microcosm for a rapidly changing world. Increased pressures from gentrification, development and government cutbacks continue to shut down artist resources such as performance and rehearsal spaces, educational programs and art/music therapy facilities.

Having all of these artists organized under one banner has allowed us to connect a demographic to be mobilized as a force for positive change. These artists and musicians want to give back to their community and support the education and development of existing and potential new artists, to truly, and for the first time, organize themselves into a self-sustaining cultural incubation entity. S.A.A.M was created as the non-profit arm of Suna Studios.

Moving into 2019 S.A.A.M and Suna are rapidly developing a strategy to ensure that our communities continue to have access to cultural spaces and the programming that make our neighbourhoods thrive. We have many big plans to broaden our scope offering more year round support within the individual communities of BC. Our combined expertise and notable success in delivering cultural spaces is the result of many years of experience communicating with local artists who face multiple barriers. S.A.A.M has recognized that the communities they currently serve are challenged by various social determinants that prevent them from accessing supports and meeting their personal and professional goals.